Programming with C++20 book quiz - The winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the C++20 book quiz! I was amazed by the number of answers and the answers you all provided. [...]

C++20 ranges benefits: avoid dangling pointers

In my last monthly post, C++20 benefits: consistency with ranges, we looked at what ranges do for us when it comes to consistency and how we can get the same level of consistency [...]

Programming with C++20 book quiz

Today I like to announce a C++20 book quiz. [...]
C++ Insights

Happy 3 year Birthday C++ Insights

Today it is three years since I published C++ Insights. [...]

C++20 benefits: consistency with ranges

You all probably already have heard of C++20's ranges. With ranges-v3, Eric Niebler provided us with a solution already, independent of C++20. In this post, I like to shed some [...]

Clean Code Workshop @Golem Akademie

In June I'm hosting the next workshop of C++ Clean Code – Best Practices für Programmierer together with my partner golem Akademie. This date is nearly sold out, so we decided to [...]
C++ Insights

C++ Insights now uses Clang 12

Today I finally managed to switch C++ Insights to Clang 12! [...]

iX Article: Clean Code mit C++20, Teil 3

An article I wrote for the German iX magazine "Clean Code mit C++20, Teil 3" is available in issue 2021/5. It is available as a printed edition as well as online. This is part of [...]

Source code for Programming with C++20 - Concepts, Coroutines, Ranges, and more

I like to apologize, but I totally missed publishing the source code for the already published chapters of Programming with C++20 - Concepts, Coroutines, Ranges, and more. [...]

Can I touch a moved-from object

In this blog post, I try to bring you a topic closer that was already discussed and written about multiple times: move semantics. Just to give you two references: [...]