C++ Insights

Using base class constructor

While preparing slides for my next on-site training I stumbled across the C++11 powers of using. Specifically together with constructors of a base class. Here is a sample: [...]

Early bird for "C++1x für eingebettete Systeme kompakt" ending soon

If you are interested in a one day technical seminar about C++ for embedded systems you might consider mine: C++1x für eingebettete Systeme kompakt. The early bird is ending at [...]

Use of the comma operator

Last week, I read a blog article from Jonathan Boccara called "Getting Along With The Comma Operator in C++". At the end of the article I felt bad for the comma operator. Jonathan [...]

NDC { Oslo } 2018 slides and video available

I'm pleased to announce that the video C++: Be type-safe - The journey of determining the number of elements in an array of my presentation at NDC { Oslo } in June is available [...]

Public appearances 2018

I will again work together with QA Systems for a one day technical seminar C++1x für eingebettete Systeme kompakt. The seminar will be held in Stuttgart on November 6. Early bird [...]

Safer type casting with C++17

I like to write less code and letting the compiler fill in the open parts. After all the compiler knows most and best about these things. In C++ we have a strong type system. [...]

New article: "About the C++ Core Guidelines"

C++ is for sure not the easiest language to learn and use. The Core Guidelines try to provide some useful directions on avoiding common traps and pitfalls with using C++. [...]

NDC { Oslo } slides and video available

I noticed yesterday that the video my presentation at NDC { Oslo } in June is available youtube: [...]

Article "Nutzen Sie die Macht der Sprache" got published

My article I wrote for the proceedings of the ESE Kongress 2016 got published at embedded software engineering. [...]

Keynote at Clean Code Days in Munich on June 21st

I will give this year's keynote at the Clean Code Days in Munich. The talk title is "Use the power of the language". I will use C++ as an example programming language to show how [...]