Public appearances 2019

The year has already started, if you’re interested in meeting me here are my public appearances I know so far.

I will speak at CppOnSea February 4th. CppOnSea is a new exciting 2-day conference in the UK. The schedule looks great to me. Expect some C++ Insights examples in my talk!

In February, I have a second talk at CppEurope 26th of February in Bucharest.

There are already two open-enrollment seminars planned November 14th and 15th, together with my partner QA Systems. C++1x für eingebettete Systeme (kompakt) and C++ Templates - die richtige Dosis (kompakt).

I’m available for on-side training, if you’re interested have a look at my training page. Custom training is possible.

As usual, you’ll find links to the details for all my public appearances at my talks and training page.

I'm looking forward seeing you at one of these events.