MONTH: January 2024


Updates to YouTube and training material in 2024

Today, I'll give you updates about C++ Insights on YouTube and other improvements. It actually started back in 2023. [...]
C++ Insights

C++ Insights Episode 46: Consider making your assignment operators lvalue only

I published a new C++ insights episode: Consider making your assignment operators lvalue only. [...]

NDC TechTown 2023 recording of my talk "C++ Coroutines from scratch" is available

I'm pleased to announce that the recording of my talk at NDC TechTown C++ Coroutines from scratch of my presentation is available YouTube: [...]

C++20 Concepts applied - Safe bitmasks using scoped enums

In 2020 I wrote an article for the German magazine iX called Scoped enums in C++. In that article, I shared an approach of using class enums as bitfields without the hassle of [...]