Updates to YouTube and training material in 2024

Today, I'll give you updates about C++ Insights on YouTube and other improvements. It actually started back in 2023.

Training class and talk material

If you attended one of my classes, you know most, if not all, slides from a newer standard than C++11 carry a small banner on the top right corner indicating the standard they have been introduced. Along with the slides, you always got the source code for the exercises and solutions and, of course, a handout as a PDF.

I made two improvements to the material you get as an attendee. You now also get the source code of all the code on the slides as well. Additionally, I ship CMake files for the exercises and solutions. Both improvements aim to reduce barriers. The exercises and solutions should be easy to compile so that you can focus on the exercise itself. Each code example states the file name at the bottom to help you identify the source file on disk.

I personally dislike copying and pasting code from slides. Still, I occasionally do this when I see something I want to experiment with. Well, my training material is something many attendees experiment with, so it should be easy and fun.

Sample slide from my "Programming with C++20" class

The last improvement applies to the slides of my talks as well. I received multiple requests over time from attendees whether I could send them the source for experiments, which I always did. But again, I want to lower barriers. I try to publish the code from my slides here: github.com/andreasfertig/talks. This source code also comes with a CMake file, making compiling the code easy.

In the spirit of reducing the barriers of playing with source code, I also transferred this improvement to my C++ Insights YouTube channel. Here, things are more challenging and probably less ideal than the other material. Since episode 36 Coroutine customization points, I have included a link to the source code I started the episode with. Sometimes, I have more than one example, and the end result is also interesting. I also try to improve in this area, but it's much more complicated as some content is created on the fly. I hope that the starting code helps you at least a bit.

New things in 2024

Please refrain from asking why, as it's a bit embarrassing. Recently, I made an unsettling discovery—I had been unintentionally recording all my YouTube episodes in a poor HD resolution, specifically 1280x720, commonly known as 720p. This issue may have originated from the early days when I employed different equipment with potentially varied screen resolutions. While I cannot pinpoint the exact cause, it seems that somewhere in the production chain, there was a preference for 1080p. Consequently, this led to video scaling and a noticeable blurriness. Upon realizing this, I promptly addressed the situation by adjusting the resolution to a crisp 1080p (1920x1080).

I've made it a personal goal to enhance my responsiveness to the comments you leave. Over the past few months, I've been actively working on improving in this area. Although my presence on YouTube has been limited, I've noticed that responses sometimes slip through the cracks. In 2024, I've dedicated a specific day to address and respond to comments. While this schedule may be subject to adjustments due to other commitments, I'm optimistic that it will significantly contribute to providing more timely responses to your valuable comments.