MONTH: May 2024


C++Online 2024 recording of my talk "C++20’s Coroutines for Beginners" is available

I'm pleased to announce that the recording of my talk at C++Online C++20’s Coroutines for Beginners of my presentation is available YouTube: [...]
C++ Insights

C++ Insights Episode 50: What are the static operators [] and () in C++26

I published a new C++ insights episode: What are the static operators [] and () in C++26. [...]
C++ Insights

Happy 6th anniversary C++ Insights

This year, we celebrate the 6th anniversary of C++ Insights! [...]

Exploring the impact of top-level cv-qualifiers on type-deduction

In today's post, I will continue where I left off with last month's post Understanding the role of cv-qualifiers in function parameters. This time, I will focus on type deduction. [...]