Happy 6th anniversary C++ Insights

This year, we celebrate the 6th anniversary of C++ Insights!

Thank you all for the wonderful five years of support!

The current status

During the last year, I added two new major transformations to C++ Insights:

  • A Cfront mode transforming C++ code to C.
  • Visualize object lifetime by showing temporary objects and destructor calls.

Both are hand-rolled transformations for educational purposes only.

I also fixed various issues and added more transformations related to the new C++20 and C++23 features.

There is now support for ARM on macOS, meaning you can run C++ Insights locally on your native architecture if you're on one of the M1, M2 or M3 macs.

Support the project

You can support the project by becoming a Github sponsor or, of course, contributing with code.