Public classes 2024

The year has already started. If you're interested in working with me at one of my public classes, here is what you need to know. [...]

More than a year of virtual classes experience - The good parts

I think you all know what happened back in 2020 when we all ended up in a different world. I wrote this in the past, and it is still true. I'm very grateful that I can still make [...]

Clean Code Workshop @Golem Akademie

In June I'm hosting the next workshop of C++ Clean Code – Best Practices für Programmierer together with my partner golem Akademie. This date is nearly sold out, so we decided to [...]

Learn programming with modern C++ in five days

You're a C++ programmer, but you have only little to no modern C++ knowledge? Or you want to gain more solid knowledge about the new features of C++11 to C++17? Then come to my [...]

My setup for a live virtual class or talk

Since last year the number of remote classes and virtual conferences has increased by a lot. As I wrote last year in my post Live virtual training, I'm happy to have the option of [...]

Upcoming Events 2021

The year has just started, and you might plan your C++ education. Here is where you can meet or work with me in the first half of 2021. [...]

Work with me at one of the upcoming events

In my June post Public appearances 2020 I announced a couple events at which I will speak or give a workshop. We are approaching some of these events and for some there are a few [...]

Public appearances 2020

This post would under normal circumstanced be late, but with the situation in 2020 there is no certainty. [...]

Live virtual training

Since the world was hit by the COVID-19 virus a lot, if not everything, has changed. Among these things are live training classes I usually teach. Due to the risk of an infection [...]

Open Enrollment Class 2020: Programming with C++11 to C++17

If you are interested in one of my open enrollment classes, please have a look a C++1x für eingebettete Systeme (kompakt) or C++ Templates - die richtige Dosis (kompakt). Both are [...]