Work with me at one of the upcoming events

In my June post Public appearances 2020 I announced a couple events at which I will speak or give a workshop. We are approaching some of these events and for some there are a few adjustments.

It starts at September 2nd where I will host a 3.5hrs workshop C++ Templates for Sceptics Applied at the first virtual NDC TechTown. You find the registration for the workshop at ndctechtown.com/page/tickets/. It is from 9:00 to 12:30 UTC+2.

CppCon also goes virtual this year, which caused a slight change to my class Modern C++: When Efficiency Matters. It is now 3 half days, September 9th to 11th. The time zone there is 11:00 to 17:00 EDT, which is UTC-4. You find the registration at cppcon.org/registration.

I will be at CppCon a second time, with two slots in the Back to Basics track. They schedule the two talks for September 15th. In these two talks I will explain templates, how they work and how to use them. The idea is to take the fear I sometimes hear or see from people when it comes to templates. This is a shorter version of the NDC TechTown workshop and it is without exercises.

I'm planning a 5 half-day remote training class Programming with C++11 to C++17 Sept. 28 - Oct. 2. I try to figure out the best time (and with that time zone), as the training will be in English. Feel free to reach out to me, if you are interested in that class and like to give me a hint with your preferred time zone. Expect an official announcement around end of August.

The next known stop then is October 15th - 16th, where I will host a 2 day open-enrollment class C++1x für eingebettete Systeme together with my partner, QA Systems. Please note, that this is a German class. This class will be a hybrid event, you can take part in person or virtually. The in person part takes place in Ludwigsburg. The time zone for this class is UTC+2, class starts at 9:00 and ends around 16:30. There are a few days left for an early bird discount.

Still in October, 26 - 30th there is another 5 half days remote class C++ Clean Code – Best Practices für Programmierer, language is German. The timezone is UTC+1 as this is directly after the summer time ended. Class is from 9:00 to 13:00. This is together with my partner golem Akademie. For the content I partner up with Rainer Grimm who is the mind behind this class.

It probably goes without saying, but there will be cppinsights.io usage in the classes.


All the above in a shorter form sorted by dates:

Remote training

I'm available for on-side and remote training, if you’re interested have a look at my training page. Custom training is possible as well.

As usual, you’ll find links to the details for all my public appearances at my talks and training page.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at one of these events, virtually or in person.