CppCon C++20’s Coroutines for Beginners - Video is available

The video of my first talk from CppCon 2022 is available on Youtube: [...]

Upcoming Events 2021

The year has just started, and you might plan your C++ education. Here is where you can meet or work with me in the first half of 2021. [...]

CppCon B2B Talk C++ Templates - Videos are out

The videos of my two Back to Basic talks at CppCon 2020 are available on Youtube: [...]

CppCon B2B Talk C++ Templates - Questions and Answers

This post tries to answer some of the questions posted during my two talks at CppCon 2020: [...]

Work with me at one of the upcoming events

In my June post Public appearances 2020 I announced a couple events at which I will speak or give a workshop. We are approaching some of these events and for some there are a few [...]

Public appearances 2020

This post would under normal circumstanced be late, but with the situation in 2020 there is no certainty. [...]

My conference year 2019

This year (2019) I had the pleasure to attend and speak at 8 conference around the world (maybe a portion of the world but still). It was also very nice to speak a three [...]

Upcoming Events 2019

I'm just back from Core C++, a fantastic conference in Tel Aviv which happened the first time this year. [...]

Public appearances 2019

The year has already started, if you’re interested in meeting me here are my public appearances I know so far. [...]

NDC { Oslo } 2018 slides and video available

I'm pleased to announce that the video C++: Be type-safe - The journey of determining the number of elements in an array of my presentation at NDC { Oslo } in June is available [...]