Upcoming Events 2021

The year has just started, and you might plan your C++ education. Here is where you can meet or work with me in the first half of 2021.

The year starts with a lot of German content. In just a little over two weeks, I'm giving a talk about C++20's templates improvements C++20 Templates – die nächste Generation: Concepts at betterCode, a German online conference.

This appearance is followed by another conference talk February 10th at OOP C++20 Templates: The next level.

The next planned stop then is a live online class Programmieren mit C++11 bis C++17 from February 22. to 26. You can still get an early bird ticket.

The next open-enrollment class is on March 8. - 12. C++ Clean Code – Best Practices für Programmierer, once again a German class. There is also an early bird ticket available.

On April 12. - 16. I once again host an open enrollment class myself, this time with English content Programming with C++11 to C++17. You can purchase tickets already.

I plan a C++20 class in English later this year around June / July. Should you be interested in updates about this, subscribe to my newsletter and tell me what you like to know about C++20.

I work together with my partner QA Systems to offer C++1x für eingebettete Systeme kompakt again in late 2021 (October/November). We are currently aiming for an in-person event with an option to be virtual-only.

Update: The date is now confirmed. I work together with my partner QA Systems offering C++1x für eingebettete Systeme kompakt again on October 14. - 15. Depending on how things are then, the event will be either in-person or virtual-only.

Here is the summary of what is already confirmed:

Of course, I'm also available for in-house training classes or code-reviews. See my training classes page for more information. Custom-tailored classes are possible as well.