Learn programming with modern C++ in five days

You're a C++ programmer, but you have only little to no modern C++ knowledge? Or you want to gain more solid knowledge about the new features of C++11 to C++17? Then come to my class next week, "Programming with C++11 to C++17", and learn what you need to know.

You learn about uniform initialization and what you have to watch out for. Automatic type deduction is the next stop. You will look at the differences between the standards of auto and the trailing return type. With that understanding, you approach range-based for-loops, the new way of writing for-loops.

The literal operator helps you controlling units, which is what you will learn next. In terms of type-safety, you will learn about class enums which help you prevent namespace pollution. With nullptr and overide you will look at two must elements of modern C++. Both increase the safety of your C++ application. While you are on this road, you will learn to appreciate =default and =delete, where you can ask the compiler to provide the implementation of a default destructor, for example.

The world of compile-time computation with constexpr is your next stop. You will also learn about static_assert, which allows you to write checks at compile-time and constexpr if where only one of the branches goes into the binary. A perfect way to keep the footprint of your binary small.

You will then learn about the hottest C++ topics, lambdas, and move semantics.

For those of you who are already into templates, you will highly appreciate variadic templates and all the great new possibilities they allow you.

You will, of course, also see some selected elements from the STL and learn how to apply them.

Are you interested? Then don't hesitate! The cart closes on Friday evening this week!

I look forward to seeing you there.