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How to run a local instance of C++ Insights

Now that C++ Insights is available for more than one and a half years I got requests on how to run a local instance. It is what I do myself for my training classes or during [...]

My conference year 2019

This year (2019) I had the pleasure to attend and speak at 8 conference around the world (maybe a portion of the world but still). It was also very nice to speak a three [...]
C++ Insights

Gitpod and C++ Insights

A while back I discovered a new project Gitpod. The idea is as simple as clever. It is a development IDE which runs in a browser. Not that fancy? True, but this project comes with [...]
C++ Insights

Coroutines in C++ Insights - The poll result

Earlier this month I started a Twitter poll about how to support coroutines in C++ Insights. This was to get guidance as showing a lot of behind the scene stuff as usual is more [...]
C++ Insights

Coroutines in C++ Insights

A longer time ago #92 was opened, requesting to support coroutines in C++ Insights. In the meantime, the coroutines TS got merged into what will be C++20. Clang 9 is available now [...]

Open Enrollment Class 2020: Programming with C++11 to C++17

If you are interested in one of my open enrollment classes, please have a look a C++1x für eingebettete Systeme (kompakt) or C++ Templates - die richtige Dosis (kompakt). Both are [...]
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Short links for C++ Insights

For some time now, there is a request to have a short link like service for C++ Insights #133. I was also approached via other ways to make such a feature available. [...]

Upcoming Events 2019

I'm just back from Core C++, a fantastic conference in Tel Aviv which happened the first time this year. [...]
C++ Insights

Happy Birthday C++ Insights

Today it is one year since I published C++ Insights. [...]
C++ Insights

C++ Insights - Lambdas

The fifth and last article of the C++ Insights guest post series was published today at Rainer Grimm's blog: [...]