C++ Insights is on YouTube

Today is the day. I briefly announced in my C++ Insights updates post that I plan to bring short videos about C++ Insights to YouTube. Today the first episode aired: C++ Insights - Episode 0: Hello, C++ Insights.

It is an introduction to C++ Insights itself with a couple of things around it like the GitHub repo. This also fits nicely, because C++ Insights is now officially 2 years old (see Happy Birthday C++ Insights!

The episodes will always air on Wednesday in the middle of a month. However, the next two weeks two additional episodes will air on Wednesday:

  • C++ Insights - Episode 1: The invisible things
  • C++ Insights - Episode 2: auto-type deduction

The idea is to have short episodes either showing something about C++ itself or how C++ Insights can help you to understand things. Of course, sometimes this goes hand-in-hand. In some of the later episodes I plan to talk about more about the implementation of C++ Insights itself.

Here is my channel and the playlist to which I will add all the videos.

This adventure is absolutely new for me, so bear with me :-) I appreciate any feedback about this project, especially, if you spot something that is not working on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy the episodes and can learn something (even if it is, that creating videos is not that easy).