C++20 Concepts: Subsumption rules

In episode 231 of C++ Weekly Multiple Destructors in C++20?! How and Why Jason told us about an optional like class with two destructors. Thanks to Concepts, this is possible in [...]

Work with me at one of the upcoming events

In my June post Public appearances 2020 I announced a couple events at which I will speak or give a workshop. We are approaching some of these events and for some there are a few [...]

C++20 Concepts: Testing constrained functions

In my last month post How C++20 Concepts can simplify your code I introduced the different kind of a requires-clause, part of C++20s Concepts. Concepts and the requires-clause [...]

How C++20 Concepts can simplify your code

Today I like to talk about C++20's Concepts and how they help you simplify your code. Plus, make it more correct. [...]

iX Article: C++-Tricks - Scoped Enums in C++

An article I wrote for the German iX magazin "Scoped Enums in C++" is available in the issue 7/2020. It is available as a printed edition as well as online. This is part of a [...]

Public appearances 2020

This post would under normal circumstanced be late, but with the situation in 2020 there is no certainty. [...]
C++ Insights

Article about C++ Insights in iX magazine

The German iX magazine published an article by Detlef Wilkening: Nativen Code mit C++ Insights anzeigen lassen in issue 6/2020. You can purchase either just this article or the [...]

C++20: Inside of a spaceship

With C++20 writing classes with comparison operators becomes much easier. Herb Sutter’s example from P0515 is CIString which is a case-insensitive string class wrapper. It needs [...]
C++ Insights

C++ Insights is on YouTube

Today is the day. I briefly announced in my C++ Insights updates post that I plan to bring short videos about C++ Insights to YouTube. Today the first episode aired: C++ Insights [...]

Live virtual training

Since the world was hit by the COVID-19 virus a lot, if not everything, has changed. Among these things are live training classes I usually teach. Due to the risk of an infection [...]