C++20: Inside of a spaceship

With C++20 writing classes with comparison operators becomes much easier. Herb Sutter’s example from P0515 is CIString which is a case-insensitive string class wrapper. It needs [...]
C++ Insights

C++ Insights is on YouTube

Today is the day. I briefly announced in my C++ Insights updates post that I plan to bring short videos about C++ Insights to YouTube. Today the first episode aired: C++ Insights [...]

Live virtual training

Since the world was hit by the COVID-19 virus a lot, if not everything, has changed. Among these things are live training classes I usually teach. Due to the risk of an infection [...]

iX Article: C++-Tricks - Effizienterer Code mit Fold Expressions published

An article I wrote for the German iX magazin "C++-Tricks - Effizienterer Code mit Fold Expressions" is available in the issue 4/2020. It is available as a printed edition as well [...]
C++ Insights

C++ Insights updates

Last week, I pushed an update to the web-part of C++ Insights. I kinda felt like a web-developer for some time. I now know, that there is CSS grid layouts which seems the superior [...]

Use named lambdas or pass them directly

During the Q&A part of my talk at code::dive Adam Badura asked the question whether passing a lambda directly to a function using it has some performance impact compared to an [...]

What could possibly go wrong?

When I spoke at ACCU Belfast in November 2019 about lambdas during my talk several things went not as planned. I think this is a good opportunity to talk a little about what can [...]
C++ Insights

How to run a local instance of C++ Insights

Now that C++ Insights is available for more than one and a half years I got requests on how to run a local instance. It is what I do myself for my training classes or during [...]

My conference year 2019

This year (2019) I had the pleasure to attend and speak at 8 conference around the world (maybe a portion of the world but still). It was also very nice to speak a three [...]
C++ Insights

Gitpod and C++ Insights

A while back I discovered a new project Gitpod. The idea is as simple as clever. It is a development IDE which runs in a browser. Not that fancy? True, but this project comes with [...]