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C++ Insights: From Travis CI to GitHub Actions

A while ago Travis CI informed me (and others) that travis-ci.org will be shutting down and all projects have to move to travis-ci.com (or something like this). A call to action. [...]
C++ Insights

Article about C++ Insights in iX magazine

The German iX magazine published an article by Detlef Wilkening: Nativen Code mit C++ Insights anzeigen lassen in issue 6/2020. You can purchase either just this article or the [...]

C++20: Inside of a spaceship

With C++20 writing classes with comparison operators becomes much easier. Herb Sutter’s example from P0515 is CIString which is a case-insensitive string class wrapper. It needs [...]
C++ Insights

C++ Insights is on YouTube

Today is the day. I briefly announced in my C++ Insights updates post that I plan to bring short videos about C++ Insights to YouTube. Today the first episode aired: C++ Insights [...]
C++ Insights

C++ Insights updates

Last week, I pushed an update to the web-part of C++ Insights. I kinda felt like a web-developer for some time. I now know, that there is CSS grid layouts which seems the superior [...]
C++ Insights

How to run a local instance of C++ Insights

Now that C++ Insights is available for more than one and a half years I got requests on how to run a local instance. It is what I do myself for my training classes or during [...]
C++ Insights

Gitpod and C++ Insights

A while back I discovered a new project Gitpod. The idea is as simple as clever. It is a development IDE which runs in a browser. Not that fancy? True, but this project comes with [...]
C++ Insights

Coroutines in C++ Insights - The poll result

Earlier this month I started a Twitter poll about how to support coroutines in C++ Insights. This was to get guidance as showing a lot of behind the scene stuff as usual is more [...]
C++ Insights

Coroutines in C++ Insights

A longer time ago #92 was opened, requesting to support coroutines in C++ Insights. In the meantime, the coroutines TS got merged into what will be C++20. Clang 9 is available now [...]
C++ Insights

Short links for C++ Insights

For some time now, there is a request to have a short link like service for C++ Insights #133. I was also approached via other ways to make such a feature available. [...]