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C++ Insights lambda hunt

Let's do something special today! Last week I added support for P0315R4: Lambdas in unevaluated contexts. [...]
C++ Insights

Happy anniversary C++ Insights

I haven't written a lot about C++ Insights in the last couple of months, but as today is the anniversary of C++ Insights, it is about time to hand out a birthday present. [...]
C++ Insights

C++ Insights news flash - Clang 13 and more

It's been a while since I last wrote about C++ Insights. Sorry for that. No worries, I still actively maintain the project. [...]
C++ Insights

A Visual Studio Code extension for C++ Insights

Some of you had asked for this in the past, and now it is there. Thanks to Tobias Fuchs (@meet__tobi), there is now an extension for Visual Studio Code that allows you to see the [...]
C++ Insights

Happy 3 year Birthday C++ Insights

Today it is three years since I published C++ Insights. [...]
C++ Insights

C++ Insights now uses Clang 12

Today I finally managed to switch C++ Insights to Clang 12! [...]
C++ Insights

C++ Insights code coverage on Windows

In my last post, I wrote about the switch from Travis CI to GitHub Actions (C++ Insights: From Travis CI to GitHub Actions. In the what's next section, I dreamed a little about [...]
C++ Insights

C++ Insights: From Travis CI to GitHub Actions

A while ago Travis CI informed me (and others) that travis-ci.org will be shutting down and all projects have to move to travis-ci.com (or something like this). A call to action. [...]
C++ Insights

Article about C++ Insights in iX magazine

The German iX magazine published an article by Detlef Wilkening: Nativen Code mit C++ Insights anzeigen lassen in issue 6/2020. You can purchase either just this article or the [...]

C++20: Inside of a spaceship

With C++20 writing classes with comparison operators becomes much easier. Herb Sutter’s example from P0515 is CIString which is a case-insensitive string class wrapper. It needs [...]