Upcoming Events 2019

I'm just back from Core C++, a fantastic conference in Tel Aviv which happened the first time this year.

Soon I will be in Norway for NDC Oslo (June 17th). There I will talk about λ Demystified in C++.

In July, I will attend the WG21 meeting in Cologne. This is the final meeting to finalize C++20. I'm looking forward to how it will be shaped. After that, I will probably take a few days off between July and September before I'm heading to NDC TechTown to be in Norway again. Here I will give two talks. The first is C++: λ Demystified. As much as I like this talk, I'm really looking forward to the second one: C++ Insights: See your source code with the eyes of a compiler. This will be the first time I have an entire talk all about C++ Insights. I'm still collecting all the material, if there is anything you like to be in this talk, please let me know. Experiences like where and how it helps you to teach, understanding parts of C++ etc.

In November, I offer two open enrollment classes with my partner QA Systems:

Both classes will be in German. Of course, I'm also available for in-house training classes. See my training classes page for more information. Custom tailored training is possible.