Short links for C++ Insights

For some time now, there is a request to have a short link like service for C++ Insights #133. I was also approached via other ways to make such a feature available.

Initially I had planed to list all the short links in an overview page. The idea behind it was to share knowledge. However, at some point I realized, that I is problematic with licensing and copyright. For a user to be able to choose a license and to leave a name some kind of login system would be required. This is something I did not like to pursue at this point.

With all that said, I finally finished the work on the short link service. You can now share short C++ Insights links.

You can enter a description for you short link. This description will be used for a preview on Twitter and in the title bar of a browser. For the careful readers, correct there is now an individual Twitter card for each link.

Not related to short links, but also due to request, you can now change the font size of both code panels.