ADC++ schedule available now

The schedule of this years ADC++ is available now and it looks quite promising to me. There are 20 different talks plus a keynote given by Nicolai Josuttis.

I will be there with two talks:

  • In "Nutzen Sie die Macht der Programmiersprache", I will talk about what can be achieved by using the language correctly. Specifically distinguish between programming and programming. The content is mixed with pre and post C++1x items.
  • "Schnell und klein - was kostet ein Sprachfeature" sets the focus what are the costs of the new features in C++1x. What saves you code-space or execution time. With just having C++98/03 for a long time we also had a long to time learn the costs. Now is the time to learn how lambdas, range-based for-loops and all the others perform.

Hope to see you there.