Happy 5th anniversary C++ Insights

This year we celebrate the 5th anniversary of C++ Insights!

Thank you all for the wonderful five years of support!

The current status

I tried to update to Clang 16, which should bring more C++20 features. Sadly, there is one blocking change in Clang. Namespaces seem to have changed. More details here #525.

As announced last year, I'm looking at a transformation that shows C++ to C mode. I did a couple of From C to C++ classes last year. I have a running prototype that already visualizes various interesting things. I will soon polish the prototype and release the new transformation.

The server

The Linux version I use for the C++ Insights web server will soon reach its EOL. Since I've never updated this server before, I will face an interesting challenge. During maintenance, downtime is very likely. I will post about this once I commit to an update date.

Support the project

You can support the project by becoming a Github sponsor or, of course, contributing with code.