Programming with C++20 book quiz - The winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the C++20 book quiz! I was amazed by the number of answers and the answers you all provided.

Programming with C++20 Cover

The winners are:

  • Gabriel Valenzuela
  • Nathan Story
  • Michael
  • Ankur Satle
  • José Braga

(I did send out e-mails to each of you. Shouldn't you have received one please contact me).

I tried to come up with a good summary, but the answers were too widespread. Most of the answers named Concepts and Modules as big impact on the language. Reducing compile-times was a recurring mention with Modules.

However, Coroutines where also mentioned as well as ranges. From what I understood, there the hope is more to write (or refactor) code such that it becomes more consistent or less code.

Most of you seem to learn new things via conference videos, blogs, or conferences. And there is a good amount which does the learning by applying the new features to a toy project.

I was positively surprised by how many of you named 2022 as the year you or your company plans to switch to C++20. Some do it in 2021 already or already did switch.