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C++ Insights - Type deduction

The second article of the C++ Insights guest post series was published today at Rainer Grimm's blog: [...]
C++ Insights

C++ Insights - Implicit conversions

Today my first guest blog article out of five was published at Rainer Grimm's blog Modernes C++: [...]
C++ Insights

Hello C++ Insights

It occurred to me that I never really introduced C++ Insights on my blog. So here we go. [...]
C++ Insights

Using base class constructor

While preparing slides for my next on-site training I stumbled across the C++11 powers of using. Specifically together with constructors of a base class. Here is a sample: [...]

Use of the comma operator

Last week, I read a blog article from Jonathan Boccara called "Getting Along With The Comma Operator in C++". At the end of the article I felt bad for the comma operator. Jonathan [...]

Safer type casting with C++17

I like to write less code and letting the compiler fill in the open parts. After all the compiler knows most and best about these things. In C++ we have a strong type system. [...]