Book: Programming with C++20 - Updated GitHub code examples

It's been nearly one year since I published Programming with C++20 - Concepts, Coroutines, Ranges, and more. Time to check how compilers have improved in terms of C++20 support.

I recently pushed updated code examples to GitHub. They mostly are removals of if not supported by compiler X. However, there is a DR against C++20 for std::format, which requires adjusting some of my code examples using std::format. P2216R3 requires the format string to be a constant expression. That's a good thing. This requirement enables compile-time checks on the format string, like do the number of specifiers match the number of parameters.

If you have a dynamic format string, you must now fall back to std::vformat passing the arguments with std::make_format_args.

I plan to check whether an updated paperback second edition makes sense around the end of this year.

Enjoy the book!