MONTH: June 2022


Using a new C++ standard - The pain of being at the cutting edge

As you probably heard, I wrote a book about C++20 called Programming with C++20. My goal was, and is, to show correct C++20 code as early as possible. Given that even in 2022, [...]

iX Article: Ressourcensparend programmieren - Lernen von der Embedded-Entwicklung

An article I wrote for the German iX magazine "Ressourcensparend programmieren - Lernen von der Embedded-Entwicklung" is available in issue 2022/13. It is available as a printed [...]

Destructors and noexcept

Since we have noexcept in the language, destructors are implicitly noexcept. One interesting part here is that this statement is true for user-defined destructors as well as for [...]