MONTH: January 2021


Notebook C++ - Tips and Tricks with Templates is available as paperpack

One of my long-term book projects, Notebook C++ - Tips and Tricks with Templates, is now available as a paperback version on Amazon. [...]

My setup for a live virtual class or talk

Since last year the number of remote classes and virtual conferences has increased by a lot. As I wrote last year in my post Live virtual training, I'm happy to have the option of [...]

Upcoming Events 2021

The year has just started, and you might plan your C++ education. Here is where you can meet or work with me in the first half of 2021. [...]

C++20: Aggregate, POD, trivial type, standard layout class, what is what

In this post, I like to give you some details about the new definition in C++20 of a: [...]