MONTH: September 2020


CppCon B2B Talk C++ Templates - Videos are out

The videos of my two Back to Basic talks at CppCon 2020 are available on Youtube: [...]

CppCon B2B Talk C++ Templates - Questions and Answers

This post tries to answer some of the questions posted during my two talks at CppCon 2020: [...]

iX Article: Auto as NTTP

An article I wrote for the German iX magazine "Auto as NTTP" is available in issue 2020/9. It is available as a printed edition as well as online. This is part of a series. Expect [...]

C++20 Concepts: Subsumption rules

In episode 231 of C++ Weekly Multiple Destructors in C++20?! How and Why Jason told us about an optional like class with two destructors. Thanks to Concepts, this is possible in [...]