My conference year 2019

This year (2019) I had the pleasure to attend and speak at 8 conference around the world (maybe a portion of the world but still). It was also very nice to speak a three conferences which took place the first time (CppOnSea, CoreCpp and ACCU Belfast). Here is the full list:

It looks like all of them will happen again in 2020. In case their close by to you check them out! I had a lot of fun and met lovely people at all of the conferences. For all of you who were unable to attend (for whatever reason), all conferences did record the sessions so you can watch them on YouTube. In some cases the conference are so fast with publishing the videos that it is just incredible. ACCU Belfast for example published the video of my talk only 6 days after the talk! Can it be even faster? Yes! code::dive had two live-streams. This also was my first live-streamed talk, just amazing. It was quite interesting to see myself in the evening on YouTube when I peaked into the video.

Enjoy the rest of 2019, I hope to see you at one of the many C++ conference in 2020!