New article: "About the C++ Core Guidelines"

C++ is for sure not the easiest language to learn and to use. The Core Guidelines try to provide some useful directions in how to avoid common traps and pitfalls occurring with using C++. In the end they are still guidelines and need to be tailored to custom needs. I wrote an article for ACCU's overload  journal "About the C++ Core Guidelines" which just got out.

Here is a short teaser:

"In 2015 at CppCon, Bjarne Stroustrup announced the C++ Core Guidelines [CCG] in his opening keynote. These guidelines are a summary of best practices intended to overcome known traps and pitfalls of the C++ programming language. All the rules are grouped into several sections ranging from philosophy, interfaces and classes to performance and concurrency. The project is designed as an open source project, which should ensure that it will improve over time along with the language itself."

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Peter Sommerlad (@PeterSommerlad) for his comments to the draft versions.

Check out and enjoy issue 140.